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Bonus version of White Wall with an alternate chorus


White wall of smoke all around me
I’m pushing through the clouds that found me
They’re changing color
As I walk around
They’re flashing red and blue
I turn them around
The shades of light that I’ve found surround
All of the light captures them now
Cuz they can’t hate, they can’t get away
No where to hide
No one to prey upon
So c’mon, just follow the sound
Move into the light
Move into it now
I’ve found the Divine above
I’ve changed my clouded vision
I’ve turned to love
I made a decision
To change their colors
To paint them in a vision
It's our creation
This is our decision
This white wall is anything but
The clouded vision that I gave up

When we die
What happens to our loved ones
Why do we cry
Why do we look to the sky
For answers when they’re all here
We’re dismantled, why?

Intuition based our decision
Until we change, it’s clouding our vision
When will we change and follow our ambition
We must change, this isn’t our mission
I don’t accept it, it ain’t my truth
Why don’t we pray, hey, I’m talking to you
I don’t get it, perhaps I never will
It’s so senseless to grab a gun and kill
Why kill somebody who did nothing to you
They’re not a threat, they’re not bothering you
The things that they do are not up to you
So leave them alone, don’t let them fuck with you

So yeah, I suppose this is the part
Where I tell you, “This isn’t real, this is all art”
This is real life, so why even start?
I can’t back down, it’s not in my heart
It used to bother me, but now it’s so far
I was just like you, but we’ve grown apart
I chose to grow, I watched you start
So don’t stop, you’ve come so far
Power through, am I getting through to you
Or has this white wall separated us too?
I changed the color, they’re all turning blue
I’m so sad inside, I’m crying for you
The smoke is all clearing
The doors are wide open
It’s bellowing through
So this isn’t over
Think before you act
Give yourself a chance to breathe
It’s raining out
So I let it cleanse me


from PSYCHIC SOLDIER, released August 12, 2005


all rights reserved




Songwriter, Vocalist, Beat Maker, Producer –Chance Trahan


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