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When I created this beat, I wanted it to be the first song on the album because of the intro. I felt that this song was going to set the tone for how hardcore the album's sound truly is. I wrote this album to benefit veterans who are dealing with PTSD, and I wrote this song for soldiers out on the battlefield who just want to come home and see their families. This song is ultimately dedicated to them especially! VETERANS, COME HOME SAFELY!


Like a bell
When I chime
It’s time to go

No holds barred
So here we go
I’m about to explode

Time is ticking down
The sands are running out

Day by day
I’m making my way
I’m gonna make it today

Left to fend for myself
Will I survive it this go?
Like Russian roulette
1 bullet left to go
Spinning in the chamber
Watch it go
And where it stops
No one knows

I’m in control
Of my own destiny
I’m taking it home
It’s slippin' so far from me
I’ve got to regain control
I’ve got to put in the work
I’ve got one more chance
To make this all work

My life is a war zone
Free to roam
Dodging Bullets
It feels like home

So here I am
All alone
I’ve got to find a way
To make it home
This is my plan
I can’t let it go
These bullets won’t stop me
From making it home

In my mind
I see it so clearly
My people at home
They fear for me

I’ve got to go
Until there’s nothing left of me
Fighting so hard
It’s wrecking me

Doesn’t matter what they throw at me
I’m pushing through
They just can’t see
That there’s nothing that’s stoppin' me
I won’t let it get on top of me

This feeling I'm feelin'
Takes control
Runnin' through my head
It’s breakin' my home

I can’t control it
I won’t let it go
I’ve got to get back
To what I know

It’s a feelin' that I can’t shake
It’s a feelin' that can’t face
But I know that I'll find a way

Look at me, I’ve found my zone
It’s exactly what’s taking me home

My life is a war zone
Free to roam
Dodging Bullets
It feels like home

Psychic Soldier, Psychic Soldier
Psychic Soldier, Psychic Soldier
Soldier Soldier Soldier Soldier Soldier Soldier
Soldier Soldier Soldier Soldier Soldier Soldier


from PSYCHIC SOLDIER, released August 12, 2005


all rights reserved




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