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I’m the hottest of topics, I’m driving y’all crazy
Cuz you know I got it while y’all just lazy
Yeah, you know. Oh, whoa. What is that?
Another wonderful millennial brat to attack
Abusin' their power, obsession over tweets
Oh come on now, you just pressurin' the weak.
And you want to criticize me? That’s sweet.
That’s how you get lost in mainstream media for weeks
Would you just tell me? What is your deal?
Just go on, go ahead, I trust you to feel
You tryin to debate & talk about the NRA
I’ll take you to a DACA topic that you cannot escape.
Oh now you wanna know if I’m really from the hood
Jumpin’ out the jungle into politics, what’s good
Tryin to frame me? I wish a nigga would
I’m so gangsta that you wishin' you could

Star of life
Watch me rise
I won't go down
Without a fight

You tryin to stop me with that demolition
To keep me from arrestin' corrupt politicians
You thinkin' you can stop me from encroaching
But, I’m the People’s Sheriff, and I’m approaching
Y’all just focused on another fake news war
Why you even playin like that for
They been hater made for generations
With tax dollars paying for vacations
We prayin’ every single day and night
We keep hoping maybe one day they’ll get it right
But all they want you to do is just fight
So why we letting their salary spike?
Ever heard about a sniper somewhere out there
Not getting paid right for what they putting out there
They got that headshot just waiting for that hit
You’ve given us a migraine for so long
That you can get it

I got more soul than a Shaka Zulu
I got more blues than a BB King, foo
I got more rhythm than a Pharrell, too
I got more rhymes than ya boy named Ice Cube
I got more moves than a false flag do
I’m more sick than yo drug dealer’s crew
So come on tell me, what you wanna do
I’m so crazy that you can make the first move
And I ran for Sheriff, boy, I thought you knew
I really don’t care what a deep state do
Y'all can’t phase me, I’m a REAL MOAB
And I’m dropping it all off just because you made me
I’m still blowin' up the whole town while y’all fakin'
Oh my God, now, just look at what you made me
All y’all twilights, y’all went soft like a gayby
Mad doggin' me? Well, then, come at me, baby

Star of life
Watch me rise
I won't go down
Without a fight


from PSYCHIC SOLDIER, released August 12, 2005


all rights reserved




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