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This song is purely about sex and what it's like to sleep with me. I've been through so many bad relationships that didn't compliment my sexual style and I've been used a lot just for sex. Now, here's why.


Everything I do you screamin my name
Must be all of this godamned fame
You wanna fuck with me
Well, I ain’t to blame
You gonna get what you get
Regarless of shame
Karma’s makin the rounds
Shouldn’t of played your games

What you got now
Is exactly what you get
You fucked with me
Now you leakin so wet
Squirtin’ and jerkin’
Got your ass all twerkin
You’re weak in the knees

Fuck you thought
I was playin’
Bitch, I’m workin’
I’m just sayin’
Puttin in overtime
On your thick ass
I only fuck wit you
Cuz you got class
Got my dick so deep
While I’m grippin’ on your ass
I’m cummin right in your cervix
Cuz when you fuck with me
You sayin that I’m perfect

You can’t say no
No matter how bad you wanted
I’m lickin your pussy so good
That you say you want it

When I stick it in
It’s like I’m swimmin’
Push in and you’re gushin’
I got that pussy flushin
Fuck what you say
I’m laying you down
Fuck what you think
You makin me crown
Fuck what you play
I’m shankin you down
Fuck what you may
I’m shakin you down
Cuttin’ that pussy
Fuckin’ your mouth
Dick between your tits
Swallowin’ now
I know what I want
You followin’ now
Beggin for that dick
So hard that you lookin’ sick

Scream my name
Scream my name
Scream my name
Scream my name

You got on that two piece
Take that shit off
You got that woo thang
Take your panties off
I’m blowing you away
Make me stay on
Pushin you down
I’m gettin’ you off
You’ll cum so many times
You’ll lose count
I ain’t cummed once
Kissin’ you on the mouth
Look me in the eyes when you cummin
I ain’t stuntin’
I’m just doin’ my thang
That’s what you wantin’

Can’t believe that I got so much energy
I’m fuckin so hard
That you can’t keep up with me
You say you need a break
But you can’t escape
I break you off
And you cummin’ anyway
Your kitty feelin’ sore
Cuz I fuck you like a whore
You let me fuck that pussy
Even though you can’t take no more
You takin’ all this dick
While we fuckin’ on the floor
You squirtin’ so much
That I can mop the floor

You got the juice that gets me loose
Your legs shaking so much that you can’t move
Good luck tryin’ to walk
Suckin on my cock
My dick so big
You gaggin’ when you suck

Salivatin’ so much that
My lap sloppy as fuck
Cradlin’ my balls
Now you got lock jaw
Just bend over again
So I can top you off
Yeah, I’m the man
Now, fuckin’ finish me off

Scream my name
Scream my name
Scream my name
Scream my name
Scream my name
Scream my name
Scream my name
Scream my name


from PSYCHIC SOLDIER, released August 12, 2005


all rights reserved




Songwriter, Vocalist, Beat Maker, Producer –Chance Trahan


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