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You've been through it all
You were ready to take the fall
Now the truth outshines us all
On the edge you take it all
All I have left is hope
Everything else is gone
And I'm still hanging on
I'm still hanging on to what you said
I'm still hanging on inside my head
And I can't let it go
I just can't let it go
I'm still hanging on
I hang on to every word you said

Just gonna let it rain
Rain down on me
Rain on me
Rain down on me
Just gonna let it rain on me

You proceed to fall
You deceived us all
Sick magic trick
Sick magic trick
The way you are it makes me sick
Sick to think of how enraged
I've become
I've become a slave
A slave to uncovering your ways
You can't escape
From the hate you make us take
A double standard got you looking quite fake
Hey, so who's the real deal to screw
Who's who
You got on so many masks
Who is you

I tried to be nice
I tried to be rude
What does a ninja gotta do to dekabuki you
You ain't no warrior samurai
Gimme that sword before you poke out your eye
Wassup kid
You lookin stupid
With that shit eating grin
What grade are we in
Did you even graduate
Did you get your diploma
You was so out of touch with reality
I swear you was in a coma
So wassup now
You got me feeling like the devil
When I'm wanting the killing
No need to stalk my prey
Cuz I ain't got no ceiling
So wassup now
Did I tear your pussy up
Then why you came back and took it again
Thas wassup

Just gonna let it rain
Rain down on me
Rain on me
Rain down on me
Just gonna let it rain on me

Feeling like a giant in this bitch
She said she won't fuck me no more
Cuz I got all this dick
She says you're too much
Oh well whore
I'm just too godamed big
I said what the fuck
This ain't your first time here bitch
I tell you what tho
She ain't never been back since
Saw her at a Burger King drive-thru
With some other bitch
So I'm like damn
You went dyke and shit
You with some lez
And she looking like some grits
And I said I know that I got all this dick
But I didn't think that it was that big, shit
And you took it again, you little wussy
Godamn, what you think this is
A brothel for you to hit it and quit it
I thought you was down for this and shit
Now you running off with some fuzzy muff diving bitch
Oh well, whatever
Guess this is it
Guess you weren't kidding
You were calling it quits
But I know you need a ninja like me
Now you lickity split
I guess that's the curse of having this big ass dick
How the fuck we get on this topic and shit
I'm just rambling on about some girl
That I hit, slapped that ass and tore it up right quick

Just gonna let it rain
Rain down on me
Rain on me
Rain down on me
Just gonna let it rain on me

I'm telling you man
She was serious as fuck
When I said I was too big to fit
I guess that's the curse of having a big ass dick
What else can I say
I'm telling you
She went straight gay
She was like, I ain't fucking you no more
But what she really meant is
She didn't want no more dick no more
So now I'm wondering
Did she fuck a bitch with a strap-on
Because, man
I know that bitch ain't trying to get on


from PSYCHIC SOLDIER, released August 12, 2005


all rights reserved




Songwriter, Vocalist, Beat Maker, Producer –Chance Trahan


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