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I scorched these whack ass bitch made cowards in one freestyle. Make them moan like Mona Lisa.


You criticize it
You hella like it
But you try it
You say you don’t like it
But then you end up coming out with
Something that’s just like it
So what is it?
You don’t like me but you’re gonna bite me?
You’ll talk it til the cows come on home
But you bit the glass
I tried to get that pass
But you said that ass was something to flash
Now look at you
You fuckin’ trash

Who do you think you are
Look at you
You little bitch made nigga
Fuckin little bitch
Tryin’ to plagiarize my shit
Nigga fuck you
Talk all that shit you want

So now you on the net
Got that web of lies
You want it so bad
But yet you despize
When these words comin’ at you
Like some kind of raptor
And you the trapper that’s runnin for your life
Fuck out of dodge, dodge the fuck out of this
I still got em on the run from something that don’t exist
Ghosts coming at you from every fuckin angle
Pickpocketing at you like you an angle
Well bitch I come around that corner
And guess what
You’re meeting the coroner
I ain’t tryin’ to fuckin’ hold on back
I’m bitch slap you
Yeah just like that
Motherfucker you can come and get that pap
Bitch nigga you can come and get zapped

I don’t give a fuck
I’ma fuckin’ freestyle
And I’ma keep it on all fucking night
Like I’m wild and out
Bitch you just might shout
But hey you’ll never catch up to me any fuckin way
Not with those lies
Not with that despize
Not with that bullshit disguise
Bitch you in plain clothes
You think I can’t see you
You fuckin make it obvious

What the fuck is wrong wit you
You act like a saw bit you
I’m talkin bout the movie nigga
You know what I’m talkin about
That movie where the nigga come through
And he be puttin shit in your eye
And shit like that
Yeah you be bitin on yourself
You don’t even know
That you riskin your own health
Fuck your wealth nigga
Cuz you ain’t shit without your health

Really tho
I’m just gonna sit here and think for a second
Like I’m not even stopping
I’m just straight goin’ on track
Just like that
That’s wassup
Cuz for real nigga
Thas wassup

I’m so tired of you bitin my style
And you gonna sit there like you fuckin wild
Well bitch you don’t know where the fuck I come from
I tell you nigga
I really ain’t that dumb

What the fuck you take me for
Some kind of fuckin’ painting on the wall
That you can just frame nigga
Fuck you
Get out of here with this bullshit
Little immature piece of shit

Watch me now
Hoo I bust it on out
I bust out the black side of me
Ha nigga what now
What you think you got
Oh yeah that’s right nigga
You got caught
Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
Man I just don’t give a fuck nigga what
You think you gonna fuckin plagiarize me
And straight be OG
And tour around on a fuckin talent like me
Fuck you bitch
You stealin my name
You stealin my fame
And you wanna keep me up out of the game
Well I’m like fuck you ho
And I’m like fuck you ho
And I’m like hey fuck you ho
Cuz I see where you go
And I know what you do
With the shit that I come through with nigga
That’s my shit right there

Bitch you didn’t write it
You a Joes Biden
You can take ya ass on like your name is Ocasio
And you dick ridin dick ridin dick ridin dick ridin
My fuckin’ politics bitch
That’s why I ain’t writin’ no more shit
I keep it all up in my head
Because a fuck you bitch
That’s right
Wit your high fructose corn syrup
You fuckin green horn new deal
Bitch you can catch the hill
I’m for real
I’m talkin’ bout the fuckin heel of my boot
Boot heel nigga
Boot Hill nigga
Boot heel nigga
Boot Hill nigga

Go on through
I said boo
Nigga I ain’t scared of you
You little child rapin’ sacrificin’ little bitch ass bitch
Man fuck you and fuck all this bullshit


from PSYCHIC SOLDIER, released August 12, 2005


all rights reserved




Songwriter, Vocalist, Beat Maker, Producer –Chance Trahan


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