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This whole thing is a freestyle


Yeah, I’m goin gangsta on this track
Gonna get Scooby Doo just like that
And no reason to be scared
Cuz I come prepared
I’m gonna wrastle me a bear
Yo, look out right chere
That’s what I thought
I’m the beast master up in this biosh

Oh, like Osh Kosh Bgosh
Better back up off
Back up off
Ooh ah, like Osh Kosh Bgosh
Back up off
Back back up off
Gettin Scooby Doo with this shiz
That’s right
Cuz I’m straight about my biz
Oh yeah Comin' wicked at ya
And you know that this beat is bout to bitch slap ya
Wasn’t kiddin' when I’m sayin what I’m saying
Cuz I ain’t playing
Don’t you know
I come and throw a pick up in yo’ fro
Getcho' knaps right
Pick em out, baby
Brush ‘em on out
Wit that hard brush
Not that soft brush
Wit that hard brush
Wit that hard, hard brush

Had to take my butt on back to that Cali
Back, back, back to that Cali
Back, back, back to that, back to that back
Back to that Cali
Back, back, back to that Cali
Back, back, back to that Cali
Back to the back to the back to the back
To the back to that Cali
Gonna throw it back like Osh Kosh Bgosh
So, y'all can back up off
Back, back up off
Back to the, back to the Cali
So y’all can back up off
Back up off, Jagg-off

Stop touching those kids
That’s what I said to y’all
Stop touching those kids
Man, y’all sick, all y’all
Stop touchin' those kids
Stop touchin' those kids
Stop touchin' those kids, man
Get with somebody your own damn age
That knows how to put in on you like aye, aye
But, nah
You wanna mess with lil girls and lil kids
And eat they brains and wear they skins

Euh, man
You wearin skin shoes out of babies, man
Euh, how sick is you
Euh, I can’t stop sayin euh
Cuz y’all nazty
Y’all nazty
Y’all satanic and y’all nazty
Up in the church
Y’all betta take a bath G, yeah
And y’all ain’t even a G
I don’t even know why I throw an uppercase at y’all
Y’all ain’t even lowercase
None of that, man
Y’all just a period at the end, dawg

Y’all like the last thought
You heard me
Y’all the last THOT
Man, y’all become an after thought with this crap, man
I don’t even know
I’ma pray to Saint Michael on this track
St. Michael, the Archangel
Yeuh, come at me like that
Defend us in battle
You betta have our back
Be our protection against the malice
And snares of the devil
Cuz, we don’t get down like that

May God rebuke him
And we humbly pray
Cuz we ain’t gay
We on that stuff that ain’t havin' none of y’all say
Aye, man nigga that’s gay
Naw, cuz we don’t get down like that
We humbly pray
We humbly pray to St. Michael the Archangel
Aye, that’s what’s up
And do you, O prince of the heavenly host
By the divine power
Thrust into hell satan

And all evil spirits who prowl
About the world
Seeking it
Awe, the ruin of souls
You know what we say
We say hell naw to y’all
That’s wassup
Cuz, we gonna say Amen
And put down this card
And look at St Michael again
What’s he doin
He’s slaying the devil again
And again and again and again
And all them demons all ova again

Forget that crap
Cuz I’ma take it back
Like Osh Kosh Bgosh
And y’all can get the hell off
That’s what I said
Y’all can get the hell offa my back
Cuz I’m fire like that
I do what I won’t
And let me tell ya
Y’all touch me
Nah, ya won’t
Here’s why
Cuz I’ll blacken up your eye
Cuz I don’t give a crap man
You come at me like that and

I’ma tell you
I’ma stand my ground
Pullin' the trigger
And down down down you go
I don’t care
I’ll put a bullet up there
Because you know what
You shouldn’t have came up here
So you wanna come up here, man
I say come and get it, that’s right
Cuz I ain’t even gonna sweat it
That’s what’s up man
I don’t even care bruh
Cuz, I’m takin a trip down memory lane

Like Osh Kosh Bgosh
Y’all can get the hell off
Y’all can step the hell off
Of my Osh Kosh Bgosh
That’s right, my kids, that’s right
My kids, that’s right
My kids, that’s right
Y’all can stay the hell off
Y’all nasty
Wearin' lil baby shoes
Made out of baby skin
And blood stickin, ew
Y’all just nasty
Y’all so fuckin' nasty
Ya nasty
You just nasty


from PSYCHIC SOLDIER, released August 12, 2005


all rights reserved




Songwriter, Vocalist, Beat Maker, Producer –Chance Trahan


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