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Mars One is a song about wanting to get away from all the misery and pain. There's a real life project about building a civilization on Mars called Mars One and that's where I found the inspiration behind this song name, and I wrote the lyrics based on that. This is a song about parental alienation, which laws currently do not incriminate against, and parents are alienated and cannot see their kids. By the time the parent is able to finally see their kids, some of the kids are already convinced that their sane parent is a bad person.

It's enough to make the parent feel worthless and sometimes even commit suicide. This is my song to bring awareness to the situation and educate people that this is really going on and that it is truly effecting more of our people than we understand or even realize. Some parents are made out to be criminalized and punished by law and it makes the true victimized parent look bad in family court and the courts can deem them as a danger to their kids and a wrong judgement such as this has a profound adverse effects on not only the life of the alienated parent, but also the child.


I don’t wanna be here
But here I am
Forced to make a decision
Forced to make a demand

You can’t get away with this
I’ll have the upper hand
It’ll come crashing down
On top of your head
It’ll come smashing down
I’ll be there to watch it
I’ll be a catalyst
I’ll be that voice in your head

That tells you to let go
That says to get out your head
Fear is your controller
Love’s the answer instead
The spirit knows
You rolled me over
There’ll be hell to pay
When this is all over

You can’t make me
Be another scapegoat
Become another statistic
And on that note
You can’t make me
Stay behind the glass
Become another reminiscent
Thing of the past

I won’t take this
You can keep your lies of gold
You can’t make this
The reason that I go
You can’t sterilize me
Save me
Cuz you can’t paralyze me

Take me
Away from this world
I wanna go away
Away from it all

You can’t make me stay
I don’t wanna be here
On this planet
I can’t live in the fear
I’ve been subjected to
Since the day of birth
As I lay here
I ask what’s my life worth

I’m pacing my room
Cuz I’m not the first
Your lies won’t hold me
They’re not worth
Taking my life over
You’re not worth
The pain and misery
So, what’s your life worth?

You’re not that evil queen
In all your fantasies
I’m not the one who scorned you
I'm just the one who sees
How it effected you
Why would you do this to me?
I know I'm not perfect
Don’t take it out on me

I tried to help you
But you can’t help yourself
You drag me down
Into your hell

I thought I knew you
You’ve become someone else
Then what did you do?
You threw me in a cell

Look at what you did to me
I’m not the only one
Look at what you did to me
I’m not so alone
There’s more that's like this
Look at me I’m pissed!
How could you
Expect me not to treat you like this

Take me
Away from this world
I wanna go away
Away from it all

Take me, take me, take me, take me

Take me
Away from this world
I wanna go away
Away from it all


from PSYCHIC SOLDIER, released August 12, 2005


all rights reserved




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