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I killed those stars.... When I as the People's Sheriff started becoming more and more accepted as someone who's our savior, I noticed that stars started dying rapidly. But when I looked further into their deaths, they were all faked. Turns out, I seem to be the reason why they're faking their deaths.


When that star killer turns into a killer star
You can trust that I don’t have to look very far
Seek and you shall find what’s etched into my mind
Try to focus now because I know you’re color blind
A mental capacity that considers everything
While your audacity violates the offspring
Changing lanes as you watch me pass
You’re so afraid to ask
But you watched me break the glass
Shattering your expectations of an altercation
Twisted fire starting up to delete the devil’s playstation
No more burning my time with insubordination
Tormentation of a nation that causes mass vexation
Watch me jump aboard that sinking ship
Just to take what I can get
You can’t understand how I scored that hit
But I did it and watched you as you dropped it
The ball rolls away from you to me, so now I got it

I killed that star
Yeah I killed those stars
Bring me to those stars
I killed that star

Like the night the fright comes upon you
Watch as I make my way far beyond you
The war cry of the dark knight
And the cowering down afraid to fight
As you watch the darkness of the night
Overtaking all that’s right
Darkness burrows down
But look at those who were proud
They’re all afraid of the king now
Burying their head into the sand
As we’re scouring down now to take a stand

Just when you thought that you could get away
Your boy Sheriff came around and made your day
Watch you run around as soon as I spoke out
You all tried the best you could not to charlie out
But you know good and well that I figured you out
You heard me coming from a mile away screaming out
Climbed to the top of the mountain and shouted you out
I’m seeing red again as I paint across their doors
If you want protection then what you running for
Look at you, so afraid that you’ll have to hang
Tied yourself up and watched your body swang
Doesn’t matter where you run cuz I’m doin my thang
Got that on lock and I ain’t afraid of nothing, see?
Screaming like a banshee as you catch a glimpse of me
You can run but you can’t hide
You can’t even fake a suicide

I killed that star
Yeah I killed those stars
Bring me to those stars
I killed that star

The only mark that’s left is the dark prince’s brand
Never take the mark into your mind and hands
New vision coming clearer with the truth we accept
Watch you do the moonwalk retracing your steps
But everything you sang is still sticking in our heads
You’re like a gimp with a zipped up mouth and hands
Tied behind your back as your misery went south
You took the innocence of all the most proud

Do you still think that you can evade me
And stay one step ahead of all that made me
I’m forever the one that’s leading the pack
And I never back down cuz I’m vicious like that
You thought you could take a bite out of my purity
Shots rang out and they heightened your insecurity
Hunt you like the devil with demons screaming my name
The world you’re living in must be filled with sick pain
Better never ever take my name in vain
I’ll forsake you in a much worse way
My god vs your fraud, who you think is living in a facade
I’ll tell you one thing
For sure ain’t me
I ain’t no mirage
A faux hawk I’m not
I’m raging and I’m hot
Military academy and I got it from the streets
I got the strongest one man army

I killed that star
Yeah I killed those stars
Bring me to those stars
I killed that star


from PSYCHIC SOLDIER, released August 12, 2005


all rights reserved




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