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I echo me
I don’t hear my echo when I speak
The effects it has when I’m weak
So strong for so long
It’s so wrong
If I could hear the echos of my beats
Which way we react to when I speak
The reason you’re doing this to me
What happens just because of me
What happens to you behind the scenes
What happens when my words are echoing
I am the savior and you can tell me anything
My emotions argue with what’s going on inside of me
Sometimes my mind doesn’t understand what’s happening

Seeing life for what it is
Not what it appears to be
The signals are all what’s echoing x3
The culture, they’re vultures, the culture of vultures
The ravens are all scavenging x2
Try to sleep, try to sleep
Why can’t we see, why can’t we see
Our actions are all echoing
But now I see, yes now I see
I see the signals echoing
The signals are all echoing x2
What can you do, what can you do
What can you do to echo me
The signals are all echoing
I look at you, I look at you
The signals are all echoing
I cannot hear myself
Are my words not bouncing their way back to me
I cannot hear me echoing
What have I done x2
My love no longer echoes me
What can you do, what can I do
Please make my words come back to me
I think I hear you echoing
I can hear you echo me
I see, I see and now
I can see you echoing
My words all echo back to me
Only one God can ever be the judge of me
Now can you think to even see
How my words all echo back to me

The signals echo back to me
Your love echoes right back to me
I love, I love, I love how you’re all echoing
I love, I love you echoing

There’s light x3
We see in the tunnel we’re all traveling
The walls are filled with waves and waves of sounds
The sounds that are all echoing
The sounds all found their way right back to me
I can see you echoing
I love the way you echo me
Your words, they are all traveling
So sometimes, you shall not echo me, just signaling x4
Your words they are all echoing x2
Can you see them traveling x2
Echoing, they’re echoing
The mourning is unravelling x2
The words I have caught echoing
The sounds I hear them echoing
Can you- Can you see them echoing x2
The world– we are all echoing x3
Can’t you see we’re echoing
Be careful what you say and breathe
Your world, the world exists inside your mind
Your words, they are not hard to find x2
Your breath is all I have to find
The world exists inside your mind
You are not mine unless you sign
And your lack of faith shall now resign
You must give in– not hard to find

Echoing, you’re echoing–––––
Be defined and redesign
Your faith shall not be hard to find
All you do, make up your mind
Echoing x4 x4
I echo me x4 x4


from PSYCHIC SOLDIER, released August 12, 2005


all rights reserved





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