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I wrote this after being antagonized via text by a female to vent my frustration about her childishness. It originally was a mixtape song over the "N2 Deep - Back To The Hotel" instrumental beat.


Ah. Wassup?
Fuck yeah, Gonna kill it, Gonna Kill it
Get back, get back, get back, get back
Get back, get back, get back, get back

Fuck jail, fuck probation
Fuck fake feelings, fuck an islamic nation
I'm straight killin, Infidel for life, and I'm bout that life
If in doubt empty out clips, light up the night

I'm a kill it right now and say I did it
I ain't scared of shit, and you know I'm wit it
I ain't hold shit back, go run n tell em dat
Ain't no time for bitin' my tongue, man, fuck–all–that

Gotta get it right, better hit that chronic
Cuz you need to chill out and get the fuck offa my dick
Y’all can eat a dick or pay me what I'm worth
Killa on the swoon and I ain't abortin' that birth

Fuck a war room, I got annihilation on my mind
Hittin' self destruct, take 'em wit' me this time
Starting with the loudest mother fucker *bing*
Gotta take em all out til it's a crime scene

Get the yellow tape and come this way
Caution, cuz I'm a killa and I don't play
I ain't having that "fuck-boy" you're giving me
I ain't tryin to be a "fuckboy" but you fuckin' wit' me

Ain't a fuckin sniper that can get near me
I ain't scared of shit, but you fear me
Every time I spit I know you hear me
It's cuz I come correct and speak clearly

Gangsta as fuck so back on up
Just because I show up, y'all fucking clam up
So tell me what was that you that was tryin' to say?
Cuz I coulda swore y'all had something to say

Ain't got a reason for me to feel ashamed
I meant what I said, and I ain't playing no games
I'm bout my shit so you can get the fuck
Oh, you don't believe me? Then watch me come up

Looky here, looky here, I'ma put it like this
I ain't got no time for games, and I stay grindin' it
I'm going places, so holla' if you wit' me
I ain't tryin' to be a "fuckboy" but you fuckin' wit' me

I ain't trying to be a "fuckboy" but you fuckin' wit' me
If you got that gun, don’t come near me
I thought you knew, I got that juice
I’ma take that shit and turn it back on you

If you a fake bitch, you can stay the fuck away too
I ain’t got time for games, I said I don’t play, boo
What, you thought I was gonna come see you?

Yeah right, bitch. You too fake!
Get the fuck away, I just said I don’t fuckin' play
I ain’t got time for all that
So don’t fucking text me if you talkin' all dat
Get the fuck up, go on, get you some

You gotta fuckboy, and he don’t give a fuck
Not about you, not about nothin that you do
That’s why I’m talkin' to you

Do you hear what I’m sayin?
I done told you twice before, bitch, I ain’t playin'
I’m a fuckin' rockstar and I'm lookin' for a barbie doll
You’re out of your league and that’s why I don’t call

I’m a grown ass man, I don’t fuck wit' little girls
Cuz the sex I’m givin' is out of this world
So don’t come at me 'less you tryin' a' get fucked
And when you actin' bitch, this is when you get chucked

Ah, thas wassup
Aye, thas wassup
Thas wassup
Aye, thas wassup

I ain’t trying to be a fuckboy
But you fuckin' wit' an OG
You fuckin' wit' an OG

I ain’t trying to be a fuckboy
But you fuckin' wit' an OG
You fuckin' wit' an OG

I ain’t trying to be a fuckboy
But you fuckin' wit' an OG
Yeah, you fuckin' wit' this OG


from PSYCHIC SOLDIER, released August 12, 2005


all rights reserved




Songwriter, Vocalist, Beat Maker, Producer –Chance Trahan


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